Senior parking spots go on sale Monday


Gianni Valenti

2016 graduate Hanna Brusca decorates her parking space last August.

Beginning Monday, seniors will begin to prepare for the annual painting of a parking spot. While most seniors are probably devising a design, there are some guidelines that students must consider before purchasing a spot, according to School Resource Officer Charles Landmesser.

“The painted spot must be within school policies, as far as it not being offensive or disruptive,” Landmesser said. “Some students do buy their own paint, which is fine, but the design must be inside the paw print. Also, We are trying to get students painting a spot to park their cars on the track.”

Landmesser also said there are still some factors being worked out in terms of the senior spot process.

“We’re working to schedule time for seniors to paint their spots on a Saturday and are trying to get everybody all at once to come out. That way everything gets taken care of,” Landmesser said. “Last year, there were some issues with students sitting on the ground painting their spots and almost getting hit by a car because they were coming in the morning or staying after school painting their spot.”

According to senior Tess Peterson, competition for a preferable spot can be intense.

“There’s definitely going to be a huge line on the day that we pick spots so that will be a struggle,” Peterson said. “I’m looking to park close to the band room and near the grass area because it’s close to the exit of the parking lot which would be convenient because I have to leave right after school.”

Peterson also said she has some ideas on how to decorate her spot.

“When I paint my spot, I plan on including all of the things that are important to me during my time in high school like cheer and dance,” Peterson said.

The spots will be available for purchase for $15 starting Monday during Power Hour B. Purchasers must bring their parking passes with them.