School gymnasium gets benched

Benches were recently installed outside the gym for students to use. The new benches are another addition to the upgrade in athletic facilities.

“They were the ones that were in front of the café,” Assistant Principal Catherine Halbuer said.

While students can often be seen using the benches before and after gym classes, junior Jonathan Crosby said he’s not satisfied with the location of the benches.

“The placement of the benches is really not good because there tends to be lots of traffic there,” he said. “Now that the benches are there it’s a more narrow path. It creates a tripping hazard there.”

In addition, one of the benches has not been completely secured to the ground.

During the summer, the athletic department paid for a new two-toned floor in the gym. According to Halbuer, future projects could include a ticket booth and a press box.

By Andres Ramos