Rowers start Christmas season with a celebration

Space Coast Crew’s annual Christmas party was held this weekend at Lansing Island. The rowers all got together and celebrated the upcoming holiday with friends, food and wrapping presents.

As part of the Christmas party, the team wraps presents for kids in need in the community.

“I love to do this because when I was 4 my dad was starting his own business and we did not have a ton of money,” sophomore Emily Eastwood said. “I  kind of know where the kids are coming from. So it’s nice to know that these kids can have a Christmas even if that means we may get one less present. The true part of Christmas is giving not receiving.”

Senior Anna King said she also enjoyed helping the needy.

“I’m glad that I was able to get them things otherwise they wouldn’t have the gift of getting things for Christmas,” King said. “I wrapped some clothes and a grow-your-own-fish kit.”

Wrapping presents wasn’t the only event the at the Christmas party that people participated in.

“The rowers and coxswains play basketball and eat a ton of food like mac and cheese and junk food like brownies,” Eastwood said. “We take pictures wearing ugly Christmas sweaters and catch up on little things. It makes you glad you found a team, and it also helps you remember why you love the sport so much.”

King described her experience.

“I ate Christmas cookies, talked to friends, wrapped presents and went out to the basketball court,” King said. “At the courts I watched people play basketball and kicked around a hacky sack. After that, we all went back in and helped clean up the mess from wrapping.”

By Moriah Padgett