Rising costs influence driving habits

Brevard County students currently are paying $3.75 per gallon for gasoline, and this year’s “highest high,” is still to come, according to Jessica Brady, AAA auto club spokesperson.

Junior Alexandra Avrakotos said she spends between $30 and $40  a week on gas, and junior Peter Jenkins said the cost of gas was partly responsible for him being unable to get a car when he turned 16.

Sophomores Sarah Tanke and Evelyn Guerra participate in a car pool from Brevard Community College to West Shore.

“It’s easier really, and we save gas,” Tanke said.

The price of gasoline isn’t the only variable inflating the cost of  driving. Automobile insurance, especially for teenagers, can be costly. But there are ways to lower the rates.

“I took a driving class at Holy Trinity that was provided by FSC [Florida Safety Council] and I got a discount on car insurance for taking honors classes,” sophomore Brianna Silvestre said.

Silvestre said she plans to get a job soon to help with her driving expenses.

“My mom isn’t going to pay for gas forever,” Silvestre said.

By Molly Minta