Rihanna causes Super Bowl stir


Super Bowl halftime shows are a significant aspect of the game. Every year Bruce Rodgers (designer for the halftime shows) puts in his work to receive an emotional response from the audience. This year’s Super Bowl starred Rihanna, a Barbadian singer.

Along with her performance she had a surprise for the fans. She stepped on the stage dressed from head-to-toe in bright red. The outfit revealed her baby bump as she rubbed her stomach and left the zipper of her outfit lowered.

“I actually didn’t know that she was pregnant before the halftime show,” freshman Tadi Zivotic said. “This changed my reaction because I knew that she already gave birth to her child, but when I saw her belly I already knew she was pregnant again.”

However, freshman Elena Konicki has other thoughts.

“I don’t keep up with news, so I wasn’t shocked,” she said. “I knew when she was pregnant with her first baby, but I don’t keep up with pop culture so as far as I knew, she was still pregnant with her first baby.”

With this big reveal must come relief from both the parents. A source exclusively reveals in the latest issue of “Us Weekly” details of the parents.

“She was truly honored to get this chance, and the fact she got to reveal her pregnancy at the same time was just magical,” they said. “It was something she and ASAP wanted to announce in a special way, and both of them agree nothing could be more special than on stage at Super Bowl halftime.”

Konicki said she believes that Rihanna will face a hard time now.

“I know I wouldn’t want more paparazzi because then I would get less privacy,” she said.

However, freshman Ava Hurlbert focuses on the positive side more about this situation.

“I love children to death, so her having a baby is just wonderful,” she said. “I wish her well and I hope she gets the best out of her second child.”

Konicki agrees but also has other comments.

“Of course I wish her well,” she said. “But overall, I think celebrities lives are irrelevant and have no significance in anyone’s lives except theirs, so I don’t understand why it’s a hot topic at all.”

By Claire Chen