Purrfections overcome pre-game shuffle

The Purrfections performed at their first game on Nov. 20, and while everything might have seemed picture perfect during their performance, not everything was good beforehand.

“Every year we get ready in the girls’ locker room, which makes sense, but then this year we were sitting there and getting ready we had like music playing, which is tradition too, and [Assistant Principal Catherine] Halbuer comes storming in and tells us that we couldn’t be in there because it was the opposing teams locker room,” junior Macie Goldfarb said.

The girls had faced other trouble besides being kicked out of the locker room.

“Let’s just say there was an issue in the locker room, with the other team, and their coach including the dean of our school. There were some male coaches that had come into the locker room while some of the girls had been getting ready and changing, without any warning. So yes there was a bit of drama, a bit of not a good vibes around the locker room,” freshman Maddie Brownlie said.

The girls had faced many issues when it came to trying to find a place to go after being kicked out of the locker room.

“Mrs Halbuer was like, ‘Go get ready in that other bathroom,’”Goldfarb said. “There’s like this camper type thing that’s right next to the soccer field and we all got like mushed into there. We were all like ‘OK, is this a joke? Where are the cameras? OK, that’s funny, like get us out of this Porta Potty. So then our coach took us to the auditorium hallway, which we had to be quiet in because their was  a banquet going on in the actual auditorium that didn’t last very long. Eventually we made it back into the locker room because we apparently had the ‘go’ and we were allowed back in.” 

By Ava Bussey