Potter Club to vote on next big event

According to club officers, Harry Potter Club is going to vote on having a Triwizard tournament or a Quidditch match sometime after their current spell-listing duel is finished.

“We’re going to let them choose which one they want to do and discuss it among the officers,” officer Kayla Aranda said.

Club members are excited about voting for this upcoming event.

“I think it would be interesting to see what people come up with to make it more real versus how it is in the books,” senior Kara Dubec-Hunter said.

As far as which proposed event would be better, senior Sofia Pietrzak has her mind made up.

“I’d vote for the Triwizard tournament, honestly,” she said. “‘The Goblet of Fire’ is my favorite book, and [the tournament] is the coolest thing ever.” 

Although there may be friendly rivalry about which event is best, the most important aspect of this upcoming event is making memories with friends, according to Aranda.

“We want to make it seem like [the club members] are actually going to Hogwarts,” she said.

By Alyssa Dumbra