Pineda extension cuts drive time for many

The Pineda Causeway extension is open and connected to I-95 after months of  delays.

“My family has waited so long for the extension to open so it will cut off time on our road trips and since i live further away from my friends i can just hop in the car get on I-95 and not have to drive 15 minutes to Viera,” sophomore Moriah Douglas said.

Grand Haven, the neighborhood with Pindea as the entrance, will be seeing more traffic and the commute times of drivers in the Palm Shores and Melbourne area will be shortened.

“Some of my friends live in Grand Haven and now getting to their house is a straight shot for my sister because she drives me,” seventh-grader Ana Rosal Said.
The long-waited million dollar project opened May 2.

“We live up by Pineda so on my way home from school I had to drive and see if it actually opened, and this time I was pleasantly surprised,” senior Lenda Bentley said.

By Makayla Bentley and Desiree Corbin