NJHS elects new officers

The National Junior Honor Society recently elected freshmen Kaitlin Inganna as president and Rana Karycki as vice president.

“Being vice president of NJHS feels great,” Karycki said. “It gives me the chance to represent the member and ensure their voice is heard. I‘m going to ensure this year is the best it has ever been.”

Other new officers include Treasurer Erin Sheridan, Historian Amanda Moscrip, Secretary Meaghan Pickles and Events Planner Taylor Irwin.

NJHS is an academic organization dedicated to service, and was responsible for the 911 Memorial Presentations held earlier this year.

At the meeting, potential officers voiced their opinions and goals through giving speeches, presenting Powerpoints and listing credentials.

Moscrip said she sought to improve the club through “unify[ing] NJHS as a whole and mak[ing] presentations to put on WCTZ News.”

“I feel confident in [the officers’] skills,” sponsor Anthony Raheb said. “It will be a pleasure to work with them.”

Inganna expressed optimism concerning the year ahead, which includes a military supplies drive this fall.

“I think [the meeting] went well,” she said. “Listening to the speakers gave me the idea that this year would be one of the best.”

By Meaghan Pickles