Miles named to All-County Band

Imagine being judged based solely on the noise you can make, you can’t see the judges and the judges can’t see you. Select high-school band students and other  go through this every year in an attempt to qualify for All-County Band. Recently, junior Ethan Miles received notice that he had received the honor.

“I basically had to practice and have an audition in front of  judges who are not allowed to see you when they judge how well you play,” Miles said.

The auditions were held at Kennedy Middle School where huge sheets were hung between students and their judges to keep the evaluations fair. Miles said he felt anxious auditioning when he couldn’t see the judges.

“I felt really nervous and most people are critical of themselves afterwards,” he said. “We should get two auditions or at least get to fix something. I could have done better.”

Those selected to the All-County Band don’t receive a trophy, but they do get a title and a chance to work with others who like playing music.

“They take the best musicians throughout the county, so they have kids who actually want to play music,” he said.

Miles said the work and the practice hours were worth it.

“I get two weeks of nothing but music,” he said.

By Samantha Watson