Latin students to view Cleopatra film

Cleopatra, one of the most powerful women leaders of the ancient world, will be studied in the upcoming weeks of Latin class in the form of a movie.

Latin students, particularly Joe Along and Christopher Peterson, are excited for the opportunity to watch a movie.

“I think it is historically accurate and has educational value as well as quality cinema,” Along said. “It is one of the more interesting stories that is not widely taught, and I appreciate the privilege of watching a movie to learn about such a story.”

“I think it’s good we get the chance to learn from different types of multi-media,” Peterson said. “I also like the opportunity to get another interpretation other than the textbook.”

Latin teacher Virginia Wills also has a positive outlook on the movie.

“The students like to get their heads out the books and learn from other sources,” Wills said. “I also think that watching a movie will be a good way to continue to learn and wind down into Thanksgiving.”

By Steven Tenbusch