Latin students take national exam

Latin students took the National Latin Exam on Tuesday. Participants were asked to answer questions on subjects  ranging from culture, grammar, comprehension of passages in Latin, mythology and history. Students from throughout the country and even some students in other countries participated in the assessment.

Going into the exam, Latin teacher Maria Petosa said she expected her students to place at or above the national average.

“Students have been taking practice exams for about a month now and our “Facts of the Day” are often helpful with the history and culture questions,” Petosa said.

The scores are determined by the average of each level of Latin, and the exam normally contains 40 questions.

“A high score is anything about 34-40 typically, depending on the difficulty of the exam,” Petosa said. “The highest scores are worthy of a gold medal or ‘Summa Cum Laude’ award.”

Petosa said the results will most likely be mailed back in April.

By Helen McSorley