Latin students prepare for ‘Jeopardy’

“He is the mortal father of Aeneas.” That’s just one statement to be responded to in the form of a question when playing “Latin Jeopardy,” a variation on the popular television game show. The correct response is “who is Anchises?” and sophomores Joe Along, Ashleigh Rabel, Talin Handa, Chis Peterson and freshman Sergio Carlos likely would know that because throughout the past few weeks, they have been studying for the “Jeopardy” competition scheduled to be held at the Latin Forum in January.

The Latin Forum is an annual competition between schools to see how they do in various categories regarding their Latin skills. So competitive is “Latin Jeopardy,” that West Shore’s participants have been practicing every Friday morning in teacher Virginia Wills’ classroom.

“I want West Shore to do very good this year,” Wills said. “I believe that we have a good chance if we take the time to review information, answer past questions and practice Jeopardy style format.”

Current Latin student Joe Along agrees, adding that the extra effort could result in a victory.

“I think we will do well,” Along said. “Mrs. Wills will be proud of us no matter what, but I want first place because this is Mrs. Wills’ last year.”

By Steven Tenbusch