Key Club aims to lift teachers’ spirits

Key Club members currently are planning an end-of-year project under the direction or new sponsor Cindy Farrington, the organization’s third faculty adviser this year.

“Right now Key Club is in a transition phase, so we are trying to get together our next project,” club president Daphna Krause said. “Our next project we are hoping to do over Teacher Appreciation Week.”

Teacher appreciation week is the week of May 4, and Key Club is considering teaming up with other clubs for the project.

“[ We are planning ] to send inspirational notes to West Shore teachers along side little gift bags,” Krause said. “We need to finalize the plans, but it’s looking good.”

Krause said Key Club members want to express their gratitude for the growing role that the teachers have shown beyond their eight-hour work day.

“The Key Club designed our next project during Teacher Appreciation because they do so much for the whole entire student body,” Krause said. “With the six out of seven classes teachers have to teach, more than ever they should be shown appreciation. So we hope through this Key Club project we can show them a token of the student body’s appreciation.”

By Jessica Knowles