Injuries hamper track athletes

Track athletes are learning their lessons after injuring themselves during the meets and practice.

“I’m just too stubborn. I still want to practice, but coach won’t let me,” sprinter Joseph Liput said.

Liput’s injured his hip flexor because of a lack of stretching before his event, but injuries on other athletes occurred even after a thorough stretch.

“I landed wrong during the long jump in the Rockledge meet,” junior Nathaniel Curtis said. “It was my first jump and it messed up the rest of my jumps for the day.”

Junior Jacob Smithe took the day before the meet off so that he could be sure he could keep his ankle in shape.

“I’m not risking it for tomorrow’s meet,” he said.

Long-jumper Lauren Burns’ injury occurred during a practice when she twisted her kneecap out of place.

“I am still going to the meet tomorrow to support the team,” she said.

By Marco Pascual