Girls’ tennis ends at regional semifinal

The Lady Wildcats lost 5-2 to Benjamin High School in the regional semifinal at the Palm Beach Gardens tennis complex April 18. Freshman Sarah Bahsoun and seventh-grader Tehya B. being the two players who won their matches.

“It wasn’t everything we wanted, but considering the circumstances I believe we did well,”  sophomore Erin O’Brien said. “We are a very young team and so our girls haven’t gotten all the training to properly compete at the varsity level yet. I would’ve like to have made it to regional finals, but I’m still thankful that we made it this far.” 


The girls finished overall district runner-up with sophomore Abby Mechachonis and Teyha B. both finished first in the district for their seed.



Sarah Bahsoun called the season’s end bittersweet.

“It’s almost heartbreaking,” Bahsoun said. “Everyone really bonded this year, which contributed to our success. But we are all kind of relieved because we have missed a lot of school which is stressful getting so close to finals. It’s going to be nice to actually be able to sit down and do our homework for once.”

The team looks on to what it has in store for next season.

“I think this year was a rebuilding year,” said sophomore Sydney Jones. “We lost two seniors last year and didn’t have any this year so I believe we have a better chance at winning regionals and advancing to states next season.”

ByArmando Santamaria and Zoe Moore

Editor’s note: Brevard Public Schools policy prohibits the inclusion of middle-schoolers’ last names on district-sponsored websites.