Girls Lacrosse Begins Conditioning

The Girls Varsity Lacrosse team has started conditioning for their upcoming 2017 season. The conditionings are on Wednesdays from 2:45-3:45, but due to campus’s not allowing sticks on the premises until the season starts the team is working on getting back into shape for the season, according to Freshman Casey Ahern.

” During conditioning we just gather on the field and first we warm-up and stretch and then we got to our coach, she tells us what to do that day,” Ahern said ” We usually start off doing indian runs, sprinting, or jogging, but we don’t start stick conditioning until tryouts.”

New Coach Jenny Pazderak, who is also the girls Varsity Soccer coach, hopes to push the team to be better conditioned and therefore have a successful season, according to Sophomore Ashley Peters.

“I’m excited to have Jenny (Pazderak) as a coach, I think we are going to be better conditioned than last year,” Peters said ” I think we’re going to have a lot of new girls and we only have one returning senior so I think we have a good foundation for a decent team next year.”

With these new additions to the team the girls hope to have a successful season.

By Matthew Marcinkowski