Festivus to kick off holiday spirit Friday


K. Doung

Dancing to “Let’s Twist Again,” Melanie Richardson and Sarah Porhammer groove with the Chick fil’a mascot last year.

A sip of hot chocolate, a chilly breeze and holiday spirit. This Friday is Festivus: a holiday festival with vendors, food and entertainment. Various businesses, clubs and sports teams will have booths with items to purchase or peruse inside the cafeteria. The festival will take place from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., and includes performances from jazz band, dance team, theater and chorus under the pavilion.

Profits help support the PTA, which then directly funds school activities.

” I think it will be a success as it has been in past years,” PTA Treasurer Jackie Greathouse said. “It is a great way to support the school and watch the musicians play, the dancers perform, and to shop early for Christmas and put you in the holiday spirit.”

In addition, the jazz band will have its debut performance for the public.

“I feel like the performance will go pretty well,” junior James Crown said. “We keep rehearsing and running the set list and perfecting the songs we’re playing. It’s our first real gig, so we’ll see how it turns out.”

The holiday spirit night will also include a performance from the Purrfections dance team.

“Festivus is a such a fun night, and a kick-off to the game season coming,” senior Ashley Norris said. “This is my fourth year performing as part of the dance team, and every year I look forward to Festivus. It should go pretty well, as a team we have a great time performing and being there. It’s always exciting to perform, and Festivus is such a fun way to get into the holiday spirit.”

By Rachel Montgomery