FBLA to hear entrepreneurial star

Future Business Leaders of America club members will be meeting award-winning singer-songwriter, Brant Menswar, if they attend the field trip  Nov. 19 at the King Center. Menswar, known for fronting the an acclaimed Americana band, Big Kettle Drum, is the selected speaker for the annual entrepreneurial lecture series.

“He is the Chief Experience Officer for Banding People Together,” said junior Joanna LaTorre, President of FBLA. “It is a performance improvement consultancy consisting of a select group of rock stars, hit, songwriters and collaboration experts that help organizations align people and process.

Menswear has also served as a vice president of business development for the world’s largest receivables management company and has started several internet marketing dot-coms.

“His work has influenced the culture of companies for ESPN, Microsoft, Cisco, Sony Pictures, Hard Rock International, Hilton and others,” LaTorre said.

Junior Summer Rhodes, secretary of FBLA, will be attending the annual entrepreneurial lecture with other members of the club for the first time.

“I’ve never been to any kind of lecture,”  Rhodes said. “I’m excited to learn from an experienced businessman. Hopefully the other members of the club and I will benefit from the lecture.”

LaTorre has attended several lecture series in the past, and has found them to be beneficial.

“I think the event is a great way to get students motivated about their potential to do amazing things,”  LaTorre said. “I remember when I went to my first lecture series. I told myself that I would start my own online clothing business. A year and a half after that I achieved my goal, and I’ll  never forget that motivational feeling that stuck with me ever since that first lecture I attended.”

By Elizabeth Marrin