Dances leave behind detritus

Two or three times a year middle schoolers participate in dances held in the cafeteria. The dances give them an opportunity to jump around with friends, dress up and eat. The food often ends up all over the dance floor, causing a mess for students, parents, and janitors to clean up.

“I chaperoned a few dances, and the cleanup was rigorous floor scrubbing due to brownies being smeared around,” said Kim Hawkins, a West Shore parent.

Students don’t want to miss a beat of dancing, so they just take their food with them on the dance floor, and it often ends up getting dropped around the cafeteria. And sometimes, students leave it up to the parents and custodial staff to do the cleanup.

“I was literally down on my knees trying to get gunk off of the tile,” Hawkins said. “The students didn’t even seem to care.”

Eighth-grader Becky V. said students cleaning at the dance doesn’t make sense.

“When youre all dressed up and having a good time, you don’t want to have to wash down the cafeteria. Especially when I’m in a dress, I don’t want to pick up other peoples food.”

By Sierra Purden