Comedy Club kicks off its routine

Looking to create a space for the humorous or the next Dave Chappelle, the Comedy Club held the first of its biweekly meeting Oct. 20 for high schoolers in Room 15-105. The club seeks to have a fun environment for aspiring comedians and those who enjoy having a laugh. Freshman Shane Gibson was present at the first meeting.

“I think that the Comedy Club is a very good resource,” Gibson said. “I think it will help to get people laughing.”

Sophomore Tommy Unger also was present at the meeting, and had offered praise.

“I love comedy, and I think that this club its a great addition to the school,” he said. “We discussed the direction in which we want the club to go, and did some improv. We hope to eventually rent out some space for our own stand-up and improv routines.” 

The Comedy Club next will meet Friday during Power Hour B.

By Mahmood Syed