Class competition benefits animals

Freshman Morgan Conrad recently hosted a animal supply drive for the HALO no kill shelter. Morgan has Adrienne Gent as her English teacher this year, Gent offered a free test pass to whichever class brought in the most supplies.

Most of her sophomore classes brought more than 2,000 points in for the class. The points were measured by either how much the dog food or cat food bag weighed or how many items each student brought, for example a 50-pound bag of food was 100 points and 78 tennis balls were worth 78 points.

“I have a lot of animals myself, that’s why I wanted to help,” Gent said. “Anything for the animals.”

Sophomore Jordan Dale’s class tied with another class with 3,000 points.

“I brought in around 2,500 points, five bags of dog food that weighed 50 pounds each and 15 to 20 bags of cat litter, whatever could fit in my trunk,” Dale said.” I have two dogs at home, and I wanted to help out the other animals.”

By Allie Henderson and Clayton Wheeling