Cheer adds to exam-time stress

The most wonderful time of the year is here. Well, almost. But semester exams loom between now and Winter Break,  and while most students are able to go home or to the library right after school, the cheerleaders must continue to attend practices and games while still setting aside time to prepare for the big tests.

Junior Mariah Jones likes to get an early start.

“I study a couple weeks prior, when I get home until I go to sleep, and in the mornings if I have time because if I don’t, there is a good possibility that I will not do my best on the midterm, making me stressed,” she said. “And cheer has an impact on the amount of time I study because of practice and games.”

Senior Briana Sandoval said she isn’t worried.

“This year I am in three journalism classes, so I mainly focus on The Roar. I am also taking anatomy, which is not as difficult for me, so I am not as stressed for my midterms,” Sandoval said. ” I also take three classes at Eastern Florida State College, so we finish our exams plenty of time ahead so it doesn’t interfere with the exam schedule of West Shore. ”

By Sophia Pliego