Captains confident to lead Purrfections dance team

Being a captain of any team can be challenging, and heading up the Purrfections dance team is no exception. 

“In becoming a captain, we all had to get interviewed and we all had to learn a portion of the dance to teach the girls. We also had to write an essay, and also our own tryouts counted into being captain,” senior Jasmine Greathouse said. “[My job is to] work hard and stay positive and know that everything I do has a reason.”

Senior Jessie Shaw has been with the program since she was in the seventh grade.

“The role of a captain is you are pretty much the coach’s like second-hand man. You do whatever they tell you to do, and you pretty much run the practice,” she said. “For captain, definitely you have to be responsible. You have to put the team first, and you have to have experience.”

Greathouse said one of her toughest jobs as a team captain is making judgment calls.  

“Sometimes tough decisions, but decisions that benefit the whole team [can be difficult],” she said.

Shaw said if she had to describe the team in one word, it would be “diverse.”

“We are all very different people but we all bring something great to the team,” she said.

By Danielle Gelin