Boys’ soccer takes on top-ranked team

Just days after tryouts, the boys’ varsity soccer team will face a huge test as it takes on the nation’s No. 1 team — Monte Verde Academy — in a preseason game at Melbourne High School on Tuesday at 7 p.m.

“This game is a good way to prove our talent on the field, it gives us an opportunity to see which players are ready to perform this year,” Coach Bob Robidoux said. “Many teams are scared to play Monte Verde, but I believe it shows the boys how they need to play.”

After three days of tryouts, team practice started Monday with an emphasis on running laps.

“The running may be difficult, but I think it is great to get the team ready for this tough season,” sophomore Collin Robidoux said. “Our team seems to be in great shape already, which gives me good hope about the rest of the season.”

The boys also have worked yoga in to their practice regimen.

“Yoga is really helpful after all the running we do. I feel like it really gets me stretched out,” junior Brandon Benitez said. “I feel like it prevents a lot of injuries that could happen if we continued running, and it gets the injured players a chance to sit down and stretch.”

By Cameron Yeutter