Boys’ soccer falls to Mel-Hi 2-1

The boys’ soccer team played an anticipated match against the Melbourne Bulldogs on Monday. The game was tied until the final minute as the Bulldogs scored a header that came from a cross, the game ended 2-1.

This game was important to senior Sam Leighton because act this was the first time West Shore has played Melbourne in more than years.

“The game was intense throughout the whole match,” Leighton said. “Mel had many players that I play club with so this game will be remembered for a while.”

The game was  tied in possession with the Wildcats controlling the middle of the field. Sophomore Robbie Dujovne played the game with an injury, which was a difficult thing to cope with for the team.

“I have been having problems with my hamstring for a while, but I had to try to play in this game.” Dujovne said. “I have been looking forward to this game.”

There was a long stoppage during the game as Junior Abe Murphy took a ball to the head from two feet away.

“I just ran at the guy hoping I wouldn’t get hit too hard,” Murphy said. “The only thing I remember was my head flying up and I fell down.”

The boys’ next game is Friday against Edgewood at 7 p.m.

By Cameron Yeutter