Boys’ soccer clubs moving forward

After a state championship-winning season for West Shore, boys’ soccer clubs continue to play for points and prepare for the state cup club final. Boys’ teams such as Brevard Soccer Alliance, Space Coast United and Indialantic Youth Soccer Association all prepare to begin the biggest club tournament in the state, known as State Cup.

“We had a good run in State Cup last year,” junior Brandon Benitez said. “We made it to the round of 16 but we could’ve made it farther, my team just wasn’t willing to put in effort that day.”

During club season points are awarded to teams for winning club games that earn few points, to winning big tournaments which award far more. The point system is what sets the standard for the best team in the state. the team with the most amount of points is ranked the highest. Even though a team can be ranked No. 1 in the state it doesn’t always mean they win all the time, or win State Cup.

“We played Davies United and beat them in the Weston Cup,” sophomore Cameron Yeutter said. “They are ranked No.1 in the state but our team really wanted to win and we beat them during the group stages of a tournament that was held in Weston.”

Although the team Cameron played for — Brevard Soccer Alliance — beat Davies United, it still was not ranked above Davies.

“I think that rankings don’t mean much,” sophomore Ian Leighton said. “State Cup is the most important tournament and really shows who the best team in the state is, not rankings.”

By Luke Whitworth