Boys’ club soccer moves closer to State Cup

Competitive club soccer teams throughout the state have been participating in the State Cup through the month of April. This weekend marked the second round. Juniors Nick Inganna and Liam Wiles, represented Space Coast United in Fort Myers.

“We won our first two games, beating one of the best team in our division, which was unexpected,” Inganna said. “Although we were disappointed when we lost to a team that we were anticipating to win against.”

Their team could be moving on to the third round depending on their results this weekend.

“The next game is crucial for us to win because it determines whether or not we advance into the next round,” Wiles said. “However, if we were to lose we have had a great season and have gone farther this year than we have for the past five, so overall our team and coach is happy.” 

The next game is Sunday in Palm Coast Florida.

By Ryan Patel