Athletes gear up for district track meet

The district track meet, scheduled for Thursday, signals the winding down of track season. The student athletes have various ways of preparation for the event which will be held at Astronaut High School in Titusville.

“I fast for a week and meditate two hours a day,” senior long-distance runner Adam Kline said. “It prepares me physically and mentally for the races.”

Junior Geofrey Pena has a different way to prepare for track districts.

“I prepare for track districts like any other meet because its just another race,” Pena said.

He said this calm mentality helps him to achieve success in the 110-meter high hurdles and the 300-meter low hurtles.

According to Kline, the coaches also approach track practice differently for districts.

“They use whips instead of whistles,” he said with a laugh.

The meet will mark last track districts for seniors.

“I will miss track with a burning, fiery, flammable passion,” Kline said.

By David Foster