Administration expands exam periods

The time allotted for students to take each semester exam has been expanded from one hour, 55 minutes in past years to two hours and 20 minutes, according to the school administration.

During the exam periods, students are expected to be in their designated classes. Hallways are supposed to be empty and quiet. In addition, on exam days, the media center will be open during Power Hour for studying only.

Several students suggested ways to improve the exam times and content.

“I wish instead of having quiet exams we got to play a review game or something instead,” junior Kenneth De Los Angeles said. “At least it wouldn’t be boring.”

Junior Will Cosker has another idea.

“I think like half the time should be for exams, and the other half should be for like relaxing and chilling out,” he said. “That’s what I think we should do.”

Junior Joel Soucheck said he would like to see the exams involve more teamwork.

“I think we should do a collaboration type of thing, a group activity like jeopardy,” he said. “Like what [French teacher] Walker does to review for the French exam.”

Senior Malik Richardson expects his exams to be easier this year.

“Teachers are really nice to seniors, so they give us easy tests, so we get good grades,” he said. “And then we graduate.”

By Billy Macom